Why we exist

The Cosmikk-Foundation is a charitable trust providing support through financial means only. Legally, it is a trust of the foundation “Stifter für Stifter”.

We exist because we aim for

  • Better leadership
  • Better organizations
  • Better world

to support purpose driven Non-Profit-Organizations (NPOs) in their mission.

NPOs that make it their mission to realize the Strategic Development Goals of the UN usually share a strong purpose, a sense of urgency, and of a highly motivated core team.

However, over time many of these organizations fail to reach their full potential in a sustainable way often due to conflicts, missing team cohesion or diverting visions in the core team.

From experience we know that especially purpose driven NPOs can benefit greatly from measures like

  • individual coaching
  • team coaching
  • leadership training
  • resilience training
  • team coaching
  • conflict moderation
  • organizational development

These measures can help organizations to thrive, become more resilient, and have impact in a sustainable way by …

  • achieving more mutual trust in the core team
  • creating more psychological safety amongst members
  • fostering commitment and dependability towards one another
  • strengthening clarity and accountability within the entire team
  • providing a clear vision and a shared meaning for everyone

Who we support

We support

  • individual talents, core teams and leaders of Non-Profit-Organizations
  • that make it their mission to realize the Strategic Development Goals of the UN and
  • see coaching as a strategic asset for their organizational impact.

How we support

We support purpose driven NPOs by providing funds dedicated to the purposeof high-quality Leadership- and Organizational Development.


Our Projects

Support through individual and team coaching

Example: The Future For Ukraine Foundation

PDF with info

Example: The German local aid organization Dachzeltnomaden

War in Ukraine

  • Individual coaching for people who had to flee Ukraine
  • Collaboration with International Coaching Federation

Dachzeltnomaden Hilfsorganisation

  • Individual coaching for core team members
  • Team coaching for core team
  • Organizational development for managing directors
  • Conflict facilitation

zis-Stiftung für Studienreisen

  • Individual coaching for core team members
  • Coaching skills training for mentors

Future For Ukraine Foundation

  • Individual Coaching for core team members
  • Group coaching

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