Board of Trustees

The Cosmikk-Foundation is led by the Board of Trustees which is chaired by Uwe Achterholt and Karsten Drath. Both are Managing Partners of the international professional services firm Leadership Choices. Uwe is the mastermind behind the Cosmikk® Digital Coaching Platform whilst Karsten is cycling around the world to raise donations and awareness for the work of the Cosmikk-Foundation.

Board of Trustees

Uwe Achterholt

Founder Cosmikk-Foundation

Karsten Drath

Founder Cosmikk-Foundation

Our Consulting Pool of experts
in the domain of foundations and civil society

Katarina Perancic

Co-Chairwoman, Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt

Dr. Peter Kreutter

Managing Director. WHU Foundation

Christian Meyn

Associate Director, Center for Philanthropy, University of Liechtenstein

Rainer Höll

Former Managing Director, Ashoka Germany

Markus Besch

Co-Founder Impact Hub Stuttgart & Karlsruhe

Anne Schweppenhäuser

Member of the Ethics Committee , ICF Germany